This is me

My name is Jess.. I'm 15.
I'm depressed, bulimic, and a self harmer.

If you ever need to talk to someone, don't be afraid to inbox me <3 I love talking. Okaay bye.

I trust absolutely no one. 

Whoever is on here following me, creeping me for my mother, could you kindly click the unfollow button because i’ve seriously had it with all this bull shit. I cant post ANYTHING without my mother knowing. Tumblr is like a journal for me. I post all of my thoughts and feelings, and share it with people who understand . And it is highly invading. How would you like it if someone read you journal everyday? I would be pissed .I am pissed. so please unfollow me or i’ll just delete this account and make a new one. lol gooodbye to you.

I think today will be the day.

I’m sorry.

I’m so done… I can’t be here anymore.

Omg what an awesome fucking night….

I wanna get drunnnk.
I’m so paranoid tho.

I feel so fat right now .

So many triggers right now. I can’t even. Aaah.

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